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Kristine Asselin

Great suggestions for anyone interested in work-for-hire, Gillia! I love writing for Capstone, it's been a wonderful partnership creating great books for kids.

Marie-Therese Miller

What terrific insider advice! Thank you so much for sharing this information with those of us who would love to write for Capstone.
Like Steph, I am fortunate enough to write work-for-hire books--in my case, non-fiction for children and teens. In my experience, I have found, as you mention, that a respectful relationship between the author and the editor is key to producing a quality book.

Gillia Olson

Thanks for the note! I'm glad the advice seems useful.



Great advice for any work-for-hire publication. It's definitely different from what a lot of people think, but I enjoy it.

I don't write for Capstone (yet) but my current publishers work the same way. It's motivating, encouraging, and free of much of the drama that my other projects have (a much faster process, too.)

I love writing for assignment and don't mind handing over the rights. I know it's not for everyone, but some of us make most of our writing income this way.

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