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Stacy Goebel

Thank you to all of our veterans! They are the real heroes!

Toni Howe

Thanks to all of our veterans, I so appreciate all that they have done. In fact, my son joined the Navy just this week. Bloodlines has been a very popular series at my school. Students love them!

Christie Snyder

Thank you for the opportunity to intoduce this series to our patrons. I can see faces who I know would love reading about a family of Veterans, God bless 'em, everyone.


I love the premise of this series! Just added to my to-read list.

Vicki Grimli

Without our veterans, we would not have the freedoms we do have. Thank you to all the veterans who have served and are serving our country. I especially want to thank my godfather and uncle who served in WWII and passed away on Sunday. Thank you and God bless the USA!!!!

Heather L

I love books that follow families through multiple generations. I'll have to add this series to my 'to-read' list.

Penniless Teacher

Thanks to the men and women who provide us with our freedom!

Rhonda P.

Thanks go out to all of our veterans not only on Sunday but throughout the whole year! Our country is blessed to have such dedicated men and women who are giving their time, effort, and sometimes tragically their own lives. Thank you also to the families of our veterans, who have sacrificed so much for our country. God bless the U.S.A.!!!

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