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Jennifer Glidden

Thanks to everyone for entering our giveaway! Comments are now closed. I'll be notifying our 3 lucky winners shortly.
-Jennifer @ Capstone

Jason highley

This book covers such an important time in history. Kudos for telling the story of these brave children.

Tina Johnson

love Capstone books, don't have this title, but it would make a great addition to our collection at VLE

karen navoyosky

Thank you for providing an important piece of history that is suited for children. I am an elementary and middle school librarian. This book will be a great addition to our library. I would read this book over and over to my students. What an impact!! Thank you again!!

James N

This is my entry (post) for this giveaway. Good luck to me... and everyone else, too!

Jennifer Ripstra

This is a fantastic book! Thank you for giving us a chance to win a copy!

Sheri Kurtyak

Every time an author presents history through photographs and well written narrative our students win. Thanks for being part of Capstone's Captured History series.


Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway. I am a middle school library media specialist and would love to share this with my students.

Shirley Gratchen Martin

A very significant part of our history that I would enjoy reading & then sharing/passing onto my 3 grandchildren. It would be so nice to win this book and continue to read many others by you. I am now on disability & so very limited in my capabilities, but what I need to do at this point in my life, is get back to basics and start reading books again.

Joanne M.

I would love to be able to share this with my students.

Cindy todorovic

I work in a school library an would like to a copy in my building.

Marie-Therese Miller

Congratulations to Ms. Tougas for the many recognitions that Little Rock Girl has received! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

stacy goebel

What a great story about such an important time in history! Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to share this book!

Christine Bairos

I work in a high school library and this would be a great addition!

Stephanie Tullis

This is such a vital part of our history. Thank you for the giveaway.


Thank you for your work to provide this moving and important story in a format suited to kids. What happened at Little Rock is a milestone in our collective cultural heritage that should be remembered and understood by all Americans--especially future generations. We'd love a copy to share in our little free library. :)

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