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Jennifer Glidden

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! It's now closed and I'll be notifying winners shortly.
-Jennifer @ Capstone


Love me some Chris E!


Elio is a machine when it comes to comics/illustration. I'mma win thisss<3

Kyle Jones

I would like a poster! Love Elio's stuff!

Nate Williams

Great stuff!

Jess Smart Smiley

I just realized that I should probably be entering the contest for my children...but I'm not. I want this poster all to myself! Mwa ha ha ha!

Darryl Young

Mr. Puzzle Rules!!!!

Kathleen Grupe

We would love a Mr. Puzzle poster for our school library.
Kathy G.


Big fans of Chris and his work in this house. Whenever I say "Okie Dokie" my son says "Okie Dokie Donuts!"

Keep up the great work. I love seeing my son interested in reading :)

Denise Peterson

My kids would love this! Just the stuff they're into right now!


Would love to have these!

Jess Smart Smiley

What a rad poster! Elio is UNSTOPPABLE :D

Margo Jantzi

The Mr. Puzzle poster would be wonderful.

Aaron Wolfe

My son would live this.

Amy Crutcher

Yay! These look awesome!

Anna G

I love Mr. Puzzle! This is awesome! I would love to win one!