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Megan Sutton

Thank you for your wonderful donation to Books for Africa. It's great to see support for a humanitarian organization that's been able to stay true to it's mission for an extended period of time. My library sends discards to Better World Books which is one of the many programs that supports Books for Africa. You're in good company!

Jennifer Glidden

Ellen - That's a great question, and a great organization. I'm not sure if we have made book donations to First Book. I'll be sure to forward the idea to our corporate giving team. Thanks! -Jennifer, Capstone

Larnette Snow

Great that you are giving books away! And for the blog love for Rasco from RIF! RIF is such a great literacy program!

Donna Maloy

Yea for Capstone! Donating books to Books for Africa is one of the most generous and practical things I've ever heard of a publisher doing.

Marcia Berbeza

The gift of reading... the most important one of all. When I told my dad I was going to be an architect, he just nodded his head. When I came home several months later and said I was going to be a teacher, I got the lecture. I had better be very sure about this because I now had the power to change someone's life. He never made it to see me become a librarian. I can only imagine what kind of a lecture I would have received.

Jennifer Glidden

Thanks for all of the comments! It seems unfathomable that there are children in this world who don't own a single book, and don't even have access to books. We feel privileged to work with such a wonderful organization as Books for Africa. They are really doing remarkable work. -Jennifer, Capstone

Kirsten Cutler

Congratulations on your wonderful donation. I am so thankful for books, and my easy access to them through our local library.

Ellen Finan

Has Capstone ever donated books to First Book?

Michelle Reynoso

The gift of reading is an important gift and I'm so happy to see the great work you're doing. Keep up the great job!

Jo A. Reed

Hooray for Capstone for donating books to Books for Africa! In my past four years as a librarian, I have learned that Capstone effectively uses the opinions of librarians to ensure that children will be able to find and read accessible books that they like. Today, I learned that Capstone is sending 300,000 books to Africa. Thanks for all you do!

Sharon Kofoed

It's so wonderful to see so many books donated to such a wonderful cause! Many of us forget what a blessing it is to have books that are easily accessible. Kudos to Capstone!

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