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Kyla Johnson

I was curious about this series but after reading the review would be interested in ordering it; if I ever get some money to buy books again! It definitely sounds like something my students would enjoy even though they are high school not middle school.

Joan Lourenco

The Zodiac Killer is a book that appeals to both reluctant and avid readers, even in high school, especially if you have a Criminal Justice program at your school.

John Clark

Yes there is a definite place for true crime in the juvenile/YA area, If for no other reason than it gives an alternative to endless vampire fiction. Such books also offer a bridge to 'meatier' reading for tweens who read nothing but graphic novels.

Sindy Cunningham

Books for Boys - Zodiac Killer

This is a book that won't be in the library for long. It's on my purchase list.

I will be looking at other titles in the True Crime series as well.

Julie Cole

You have a way with always finding the right words! I too just might read this book....

Geri Ellner Krim

I just received the entire series. I will see how long the books take to circulate. Not long, I believe.

Bonnie Helbach

I just introduced a new series about the zodiac to my students but I think they were more of a girls read. I was surprised at how many students weren't familiar with the zodiac signs/horoscope/astrology, however, many were familiar. This series sounds great and i will add it to my next book order. I think it will be of interest to many students.

Patti Blount

We have many people who come to the library and enjoy true crime. In fact we have two sections...one section for regular true crime and second section for true crime in Wisconsin since that is the state our library is in.

Kirsten Cutler

I cringed at the use of the word "delighted" in connection with a book on the Zodiac killer but I fully agree that good non-fiction should be recognized even if part of a series - an assumption often is that a book that is part of a publisher series is mediocre.

Sean G.

I have a friend who obsessed with True Crime stories and I really think she would enjoy this book, so thank you. The Zodiac Killer has always scared me so we'll see if I'm brave enough to read it myself. :-D


Certainly this title will fly from the shelves!

Beth Totten, Canastota Public Library

I am very interested in reading your True Crime series. Zodiac was also a movie (several years ago) and I wonder if the book is anything like the movie! I think it is a great idea to have these books available in the library.


Yes, I think it's good to have a variety of books available.

Michelle Glatt, Librarian, CJHS, Normal, IL

Thank you for the post--I was not familiar with your True Crime series, and it is just the thing I have been looking for for my middle school library. This is an awesome opportunity to hook reluctant readers! Ordering my set ASAP!

Cindy Dinneen

I appreciate your concern about the Zodiace title and confess that I found my eyebrows moving toward my hair line when I saw the title. However, having read the blog, I find that I am intrigued by the title and am excited that Compass has taken on the topic of true crime at a level appropriate for middle school.

Way to go!

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