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Erin Llewellyn

My favorite experience with a Capstone product has to do with the Stone Arch series, Tiger Moth written by Aaron Reynolds. The kids at my school LOVE Tiger Moth, so I decided to invite Aaron Reynolds to my school for an author visit. He spent time with my intermediate grades helping them create their own graphic novel character. It was amazing to see the students getting their creative juices flowing. The characters they created were awesome!! The students have never forgotten their visit with Aaron Reynolds! They still talk about his visit, and I can't seem to keep his books on the shelves in the library.

Sharon M. Wolf

One day while working in my elementary library, I heard a commotion in the back shelves. I headed back to find two 2nd grade students arguing over the Pirate Treasure book. (It is an edge book by Capstone.) They both started talking at once. "Miss Wolf, I need to find the treasure." "Miss Wolf, I saw it first!" I explained that pirates don't fight amongst themselves because they have a code, and pulled out The Pirate Code book. They both stopped talking and their eyes got so big. "Are there more books like this?" I smiled at them and pulled the whole set of Pirate Books off the shelf for them. They left happy and are still reading and sharing books! What a great lesson from pirates and Capstone!!

Monique Avakian

Thank you for the First Biographies Series!

Well, my success is bittersweet, because it is hard for me to believe that I now have had three 11-year-old American-born students come in who had no idea what the word "slavery" meant. I expected that the name Frederick Douglass would not ring a bell, because Frederick Douglass is often forgotten in the lower level Social Studies readers (and in the upper levels, too, for that matter), but this was a first, even for my population....

I do engage with the serious look on my students' faces when we talk about how and why it was illegal for Frederick Douglass to learn how to read and write, and then continue on to discuss how he became such a great and effective leader precisely because he did learn how to read and write.

The timeline in this book series is really unique and special for my students, too, because it evolves as the book goes on. Most of my students do not understand how to read a timeline or what the purpose of a timeline is, so again, many thanks for helping me instruct.

So, I continue to "keep my head up" while helping struggling middle schoolers learn essential information, and Capstone is a big part of my success as a Reading Specialist.

Looking forward to more treatment of Hispanic and Asian leaders throughout time!

--Monique Avakian, M.Ed., Literacy Specialist

Melanie Sizemore

Last year was my first year as a media specialist for a Prekindergarten through first grade school. One of our first graders was a autistic child who loved dinosaurs so I pulled out Capstone's dinosaur and prehistoric animal series for younger learner. I don't think they had ever been cracked open. I cannot tell you how much joy that student found in those books. When he would be having an off day they would bring him to the media center so he could look at and read those books. After he checked them out a few times the other boys started getting interested in them. The were the most circulated books in the media center by our male students. It was totally cool to see these students wanting to read and asking at a young age for the books they were interested in!

Rebecca Harris

I remember my first year as Media Specialist seven years ago. I think I received a minimum of 100 publisher catalogs trying to promote their books. They had to get a dolly to deliver all of them to my library. Over the years you learn which books the students respond to and which ones they don't.
I now have one catalog I keep under lock and key. It is the Capstone Catolog. I began purchasing your books three years ago, mainly Stone Arch books. Let's just say that it looks like I don't have books in that specific section of the library because your books are never on the shelf! Seriously. I have to have separate sections that I keep Stone Arch books because the students are pulled like magnets to those sections. I mean to tell you, if there is a fight to break out over the possession of a book to check out first, it is over a Stone Arch book. (I don't know if that is a good testimonial or not!) I shelve the Graphic Novels in a separate section. They love the Graphic Flash Novels and the teachers do also because they teach to the standards that are to be met at the same time. The other section consists of Claudia Christina Cortez books, David Mortimer Baxter books, and Jack Maddox books(that won the Voice of Youth Advocates award). Their shelf life before being checked out is the time between being placed on the shelf until the next class that reading level checks out. I love it. I also love that you have the new series called Monica coming out. I have already put that in my shopping cart. Other books that I keep with the rest of the library are Field Trip Mysteries and Interactive History Adventures. They will hunt them down to find those also! You guys make my job really easy. I appreciate publishers that know what excites students and get the most reluctant reader running to find a book. What a deal. Please continue to supply us with kid-stimulating books that they can relate to in most cases of regular fiction. You're the best!

Barbara Crawford

I am an elementary school librarian (K-5) who had brain tumor surgery last year and missed six months of work. One of my main side effects in coming back to work was my memory loss. After being the librarian for 10 years this was a problem for me. Many of the things that I had to relearn was ordering books, processing books as well as labeling books with guided reading (Fontas and Ponnell) levels. Using Capstone magazines and online ordering information was a super helper for me. I also had help from different Capstone people who were very understanding answering any questions I had about ordering, which I did not have from other vendors that I thought about ordering from. Also since I was able to order them processed, at no charge, I was able to make my order bigger. Receiving them like that helped me get them ready to get out quicker for my students, especially reading all the new books is the favorite thing from all my students in grades one to five. Another great thing that I was told about was that many of the books had the guided reading level on the back of the books so I could label them with our green stickers quicker. Books that were not marked on the back I was able to obtain their levels on the website. This also saved me a lot of work in processing. I do appreciate Capstone a lot and will be submitting another order in the next month.

Celesta Woodard

One afternoon this past June while I was closing out my school year the phone rang. It was my Capstone rep calling me to congratulate me for winning an LSTA grant. I had been so busy I had not looked at the website. She was the way I learned that I had won. Needless to say, I have purchased many new books with my grant money...from capstone.

Diane Stump

Thank You Capstone books. Togehter, we saved one of my former students from the scrap-heap of education.

A couple of years ago, I noticed a fourth grade boy that always seemed to be milling about in the library, but never checked out a book. I asked him if I could help him find a book that would interest him, but he just waved me off. I thought to myself, if ever there was a child that needed a graphic novel, this was him. I asked him if he liked comic books. He wasn't sure. I asked him to come see me after school and that I would have surprise for him. In the back room I had a stack of graphic novels just in from Capstone. I quickly chose one for him and processed it. "Power Pack: The vacation of Doom." seemed to interest him. He took it and left. This young man continued to come in every week and check out graphic novels. I had no idea at the time that he could not read them, but he liked the pictures and continued to check them out. By and by, his reading improved. At the end of his fifth grade year, This tall, good-looking, young man stood in front of my desk with his first Hardy Boys classic. A Chapter Book! He said, "I think I'm ready for this, I'm going to read it this weekend.". That he did, and many more following. Capstone, your remarkable, colorful, high-interest books helped me save a child from being another statistic in the "Johnny can't read" pile.

Thank you for letting me share this true story.

Diane Stump
School Library Technician
Rock Springs School
Escondido, CA

Laura Slusser

Whew! One of those days that will stay in my memory forever! My elementary school is behind the high school and they received a bomb threat deemed worthy of a state police search. That meant that all the high schoolers were sent to our school to wait it out for over 2 hours. Our library wound up housing about 100 students. We tried a movie - they couldn't hear it. We tried word searches - they got bored. The library secretary was begging me,"Please don't let them touch the books", but a couple of guys were headed over to my new display of graphic biography and graphic history collections I had gotten in from Capstone. They drew a large crowd and before I knew it - they were all completely absorbed in reading. As soon as they read one, they passed it on to another student. The time passed quickly and on the way out, one of the students said, "I never knew there were books like that out there - can we get these at the high school?" I assured him I would let his librarian know. Thanks Capstone, for turning a bad situation into a learning oppportunity!

Melinda Cox

"Who's Pearl Harbor and why's everybody talking about her?" As a middle school reading specialist, I'm always on the lookout for books that can answer questions like "Who's Pearl Harbor." The graphic library disaster books are a hands down favorite with my students. The Donner Party's decent into canabalism, the number of deaths in the 1918 pandemic, and other "cool books" are what keep my students reading.

Kori Barnett, Librarian

Our elementary school has a television studio in which we do a morning news show which is run by the students. A group of 1st grade girls absolutely loved the "Katie Woo" book series and wanted to write book reviews and videotape them for a segment called Critic's Corner. The girls did a terrific job persuading the audience to visit the library and check out the Katie Woo books. Now I have more students who want to read and write book reviews for the morning news. Thanks Capstone Books for writing such delightful books to interest young readers!

Barbara Leos

Marcie Danches is my area rep and I love when she comes by to share all the new books. My students love it too! Many times students will sit down and look at the books with me and offer their opinions about which ones they would like to have in the collection. Capstone offers great books and the bright colors and the eye-catching illustrations help keep my students hungry for more. Visually they are appealing but Capstone really has figured out what students want to read and I appreciate their commitment to publishing wonderful books. The Bilingual books they offer are also amazing and helps reach my second language learners. Capstone creates books my students want to read and that is an amazing thing to witness everyday. My Blazer books are so heavily circulated that they look a little haggard but we love Capstone!

Linda Lynch

We hit the jackpot with our 4th and 5th grade students when we purchased the Interactive History Adventure Series. This series is tops in keeping those middle grade students reading. They have even been asking the library staff "Did you know?" questions. This series has promoted checkouts of other books with the same theme! Imagine, 4th and 5th graders asking for more history books. Who would ever have guessed? Thank you Capstone...Keep those choose your own adventure true life books rolling our way.

Sindy Cunningham

A Capstone Success Story!
It was time for Library Skills class and only one of my students was in school that day. I knew the student had a difficult time processing information. He also had an aversion to books. I chose some of my favorite books to read and discuss with him. He wasn't interested. Knowing that he was studying World War II, I grabbed the Graphic Library book "The Attack on Pearl Harbor." I opened the book and showed him a few pages. I read a bit, I asked a few questions, and we discussed the graphics. He was hooked. The class ended with him asking if he could take a book like this home. A home run for the Capstone Graphic Library!

Gayla Parks

I was introduced to Capstone books the first year I became a middle school librarian. I loved the idea that the Stone Arch books had the "look" of regular middle school books, yet were easily accessible to some of our struggling readers. I got the books into the hands of some of our SPED kids and was delighted when they read and passed the Accelerated Reader quizzes associated with the books.
My delight was nothing compared to the success and empowerment the kids felt at finally succeeding in passing SOMETHING. The SPED teacher was thrilled with the results and has been a fan ever since. She really enjoys when we get a new shipment in.
I love the fact that I can quickly point a kid to a book that is right for them, just by looking at the spines of the books on the shelves. I tell them to look for the castle (or the star for non-fiction). One student told me he looks for the "vampire teeth" -- that's what he thinks the Stone Arch castle looks like.

Sandra Dawleyt

"Joey, can you please come here"
"What..I dont need a book, I hate reading"
"Joey, I know reading is hard for you but you just have to see these new books I found".
"They are probably more baby books because thats all I can read"
"No Joey, I found some books for you that are not babyish. How does 'The Hunters Code' sound? or "The Legend of the Lure"
"I'll give them a try"

one week later

"Mrs. Dawley, do you have any more of those books. I really want to READ another one"

Thanks to capstone, low-level, high interest books, my students can actually learn to love reading.

Michelle Oliver

My favorite story involves the "After Happily Ever After" series. I purchased just a few copies initially with the goal of getting the entire set if it took off with our 2nd and 3rd graders. One of our students, a 3rd grade girl, was not very enthusiastic about coming to library. She was new to our school and a struggling reader in comparison to the peers in her class. I pulled her aside and told her I had a "job" for her. I wanted her to preview a new book and give me feedback on it. She reluctantly agreed and took the book over the weekend. This same student sought me out Monday morning to tell me that it was the BEST book she had ever read. She checked out the rest of the books I had over the next few days, and I heard her tell her new friends about how wonderful the books were and that they needed to check them out, too. This same student asked me DAILY when the rest of the series would arrive. This series helped our young student move out of her shell, get excited about reading, and pass that excitement on to her entire class.

Bonnie Tennie

I was sitting at a library table looking at several Capstone catalogs, choosing new titles for our library. I just happened to have a bunch of Capstone books on the table with me. Before I knew it there where three students sitting at my table checking the books over and another student hanging over my shoulder reading the catalog telling me what books he thought we needed. These were only thrid graders.
Now that's getting into the books!

Angela Krause

When I first came to my school district, we only had about 10 easy nonfiction (grade 2 and under) books. Now over three years later, we have a whole bookcase dedicated to an easy nonfiction section, 95% of which is Capstone books. These books never stay on the shelf for long, though! Our kids love the photographs and easy-to-read text.

Missy Edgmon

Capstone books made my job so much easier! I am the librarian at a private school that is still adding a grade each year. The library is very new and needs a lot of work. Where to start with not much budget? I did a lot of ordering off of Amazon for a while, but hit gold when I spent some time on Capstone's web site. I was able to quickly select the topics and reading levels I needed. And to "Cap" is all off, the books came pre-processed! I was able to get those books on the shelf the same week I received them--no messing with barcodes or printing labels.

Now, our school is sampling the PebbleGo databases. The teachers are happy with them, and price is affordable, so our relationship with Capstone may be growing even closer soon.

Great work!

Elizabeth Bearden

I have been a loyal Capstone customer for 3 years now. My kids love, love, love the Jake Maddox series, and the younger ones love Max and Katie Woo. The first week of October, my server crashed and I also lost my Alex back up. So - I lost EVERYTHING! I called my Capstone rep - Mike Howard and he was kind enough to resend all my MARC records from the book orders I had purchased the last 3 years. Thankfully, we finally found a back up (dated 2008) where I sent my records to be cleaned up so I am up and running again, but without the help of Mike I would have had to re-enter by hand all the books from the last two years. I have an order waiting to send off in the next few days. Looking forward to more Capstone Books.

Kristen Harvey

My favorite experience with Capstone books is just how frequently the different series I have go out. Our Jake Maddox stories are a huge hit along with the Batman and Superman books we bought. Around Halloween, my students are always looking for The Deadly Doll and other scary Capstone stories like them. And my girls simply love the Happily Ever After books - they're a great short read for fairy tale lovers.

Janet Kichline

As a children's librarian at a public library I love receiving books! My greatest joy is when I don't need to continually send books to mending. With Capstone books I don't need to do that! The kids love the books! I can't wait to order more!

Judy Williams

If you work in an inner city or with poverty level kids, you know this boy. He's the one who GLARES at you from the back of the room, or if he's not glaring, he stares off into space with a look of practiced boredom. He's the tough kid who would tell you "books are stupid" and "I hate reading" right to your face. The boy who teachers say, "don't bother...he can't read anyway". This is the boy I tried to "hook" and I DID...with the Library of Doom series by Micheal Dahl. He read the other "stone arch" books we had in our collection and then asked for more. He is the one and others like him...whom I make my job about. My success is getting "those kids" to read SOMEthing and then get 'em hooked! Your books make that possible.

Cathy Gloor

I began working in our Elementary school library in 1995. Shortly thereafter I began ordering from Capstone and have been a loyal customer ever since. I look forward to perusing each new catalog and adding to my collection. The students LOVE the Pebble and Pebble Plus books and they are continue to circulate every day. In my opinion the format of the books with the simple text and beautiful photos are all winners. The boys love the great and varied selection of non-fiction books. I feel like its Christmas morning when the order arrives and I get to see all of the new titles. Capstone is my first choice when I am ordering books because of the outstanding quality and selection. The books fit within our reading levels which is a big bonus especially for the emergent readers. Thank for publishing a welcome of selection of books for children of all ages and different reading interest.

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