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Cindy Cooksey

I got the first Kylie Jean book at TLA last year. I ordered all of the rest at the start of the year, and as luck would have it - the shipment was lost in the district and hasn't made it's way to our campus yet! Still waiting for it from December!


Wow, my students would love these! Thanks for telling us about them!

Theresa Graham

I would love to win this set. One of my kinder girls has this same hat but, when she wore it to the rodeo a week or so ago the tiara got broken when it blew off. I would love to surprise her with a new one.

Kinder teacher in Texas

allison brocking

My kiddos love Kyle Jeans books. Would love to add more to the classroom library.

Carol Hirsche

I LOVE Kylie Jean! I have ordered all of them for the library I work at and I just love giving them to little girls looking for a new book to read!!! (And yes, I read them all myself too - can't help it, Kylie Jean is inspiring!)

Kim Byerly

Can't keep the Kylie Jean books on the shelves!!! Great Books

Tina Johnson

Can't keep the first 4 Kylie Jean books on the shelves of our school library media center. Told the girls there were 4 new ones and we wil get them as soon as we can! Hope we are the lucky winner!

Peggy Brabble

My library has all the Kylie Jean books and they don't stay on the shelf for long.

Charlotte Patterson

I am a librarian, too! Don't have any Kylie Jean books, but they are already on my list for my next purchase.
How about---Drawing Queen. Or Jump-Rope Queen. Our students will have Jump Rope for Heart next week. They raise lots for the Heart Assoc. I think the most in the state.
Would love to win the books and the hat! Would be perfect for Heavenly Hats Day, when our students and teachers pay a little amount to be able to wear their favorite hats. The money collected goes to a charity.

Patricia Lee

I want all of these books for my students at Clara Oliver Library! I want to be a writer just like Marci as soon as I can think of something to write about!


I hadn't heard about Kylie Jean before but I know that my class will enjoy reading about her and her adventures.

Stephanie Hatley

Kylie Jean is a cutie queen!

Victoria Wilson

So excited to have seen this blog. I have not read the Kylie Jean books to my 3rd & 4th graders yet, but I know they would love them. I'll definitely be looking to get some for my classroom.

Allison Kelly

I'm a little ashamed to say that I have never heard of this series, but now that I know about it I am convinced that my 3rd grade students would LOVE these books and Kylie Jean! I am so happy to have the chance to win these books for my classroom library! :-) Thank you!

Ann Turner

I can't wait to don this hat and read to my granddaughter's class and then donate the books and hat to the teacher for her to continue to share for years to come.

Vicki Grimli

Kylie Jean is the best for young girls to read. Wonderful stories, pretend and for the cowgirls! Love the stories

Tracy Musgrove

This is just so cool! My students love the Kylie Jean series as evidenced by the fact that they're never on my shelves! We are all so happy for Marci here in Dallas ISD!
Tracy Musgrove, Dallas ISD Librarian

Tina Hager

Anyone who wears a pink sparkly cowgirl hat is okay in my book :-) I have one with feathers and a tiara that lights up...Hats off to the librarians and authors who motivate the future readers and leaders of the world :-)

Tammy DiBartolo

I can just see me doing storytime in this pink hat! Yee Ha!!

Karen Baker

As today is Rodeo Day at our small school, Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen is front and center in our library. The book never stays on the shelf! The girls are begging for more!

Janice Ridenour

What an awesome way to encourage reading. What little girl wouldn't want to read the adventures and live the excitement in the Kylie Jean series? I am always looking for books especially series of books to encourage reading. When the books are fun and easy to relate to it makes my job so much easier.


I have never heard of these "Teachers Market" on Facebook mentioned them. I would love to read them and share them with my class!

Jennifer Lofgren

I would love to read these books to my class every year! We are celebrating Rodeo Days here and your pink cowgirl hat would be the talk of Kindergarten!!! :)


We'd love this! What an awesome giveaway :)

Amanda Trowbridge

I have recently added these books to the library collection and the students cannot get enough of them! They don't even make it back to the shelf, they are just passed from one student to the next!

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