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What an amazing prize! My kids would love it!

andrea mcanally

My daughter loves Kylie Jean!!! Its all her favorite things in one series! Thanks!

Elizabeth Jones

My daughter would love the cowboy hat and the books! Thanks for the chance! :)

Gail Wiltshire

Great Books!!! Would love to have the set and hat for my reading center.

Mary Vongvivitpatana

Oooohhhh!A pink cowgirl hat WITH a tiara...Rockin'!!

Mary Bridgman

We love Kylie Jean! Thank you Marci for writing such wonderful books for our readers :)

Ashley Wallace

I am planning on coming to visit you on March 10th to buy my own Kylie Jean book and get an autograph!


I met this wonderful author in Austin last year's TLA! I am at a new school. We would love to get the students reading Kylie Jean!

Thomasann Butler

Oh my word! Who would have thought it, Marci??? Never, ever do I think about you without wanting a cookie. There will be a little cookie eater in our family come July. It is a girl! We are thinking about Kylie Marie for her name. Well, I am anyway. I am honored to have been a coworker before the big 'step-up'.

Mrs Susie Worthey

First graders at Kramer Elementary love Kylie Jean!

Lisa Kreutziger

Thank you for such a wonderful character! Our students love, love your books and are so excited for the new titles to come!

Dorothy Rhoads

We'd love to get students reading these books at our school!

Mandy Robbins

The Kylie Jean series is awesome and we love our librarian, Ms. Peschke, here at Kramer Elementary School in Dallas, Texas! Way to go Ms. Peschke!

-Lindsay Molla (via Mandy Robbins)

Sue Popejoy

My students love Kylie Jean! I can't keep them on the shelves, so I really need to order 2 more sets of Kylie Jean and the rest of Marci's books. Keep up the good work! We're reading it.

Rebekah Rodriguez

My daughter loves the Kylie Jean books! I will find her (at night) hiding under her covers with a flashlight just to finish a chapter. She always wants to check out another Kylie Jean book from the library!

Mary Bilbrey

I am a librarian and my kids love these books. I can't keep them on the book shelf in my library
Mary Bilbrey, Librarian Dallas ISD


I am so looking forward to the pirate Kylie Jean! Pirates and Kylie Jean, what a winning combination! Kathryn

Aundrea Wright Young

Since I've introduced the Kylie Jean books my students have fallen in love with her can-do attitude. I don't remember some of the covers because as soon as I check them in like a flash they are gone again. Great job, Marci!

Mary Thweatt, Dallas ISD


My granddaughters love their autographed books. They thought it was sooooo cool that "Bebe" knew an author and that they got to meet you! As for my school library, I cn'nt keep them on the shelf long enough for me to get to read them or even book-talk them (obviously, I don't need to). My population is 98% Hispanic and I often have a hard time "selling" English language books - not so with Kylie jean!! having said that it would be wonderful to have them in Spanish.

Ashley Dickinson

The Kylie Jean books are very popular in my at our library. The first, second, and many of the third graders wait for weeks to be able to read what their friends are reading. A Pink cowgirl hat would be a great show stopper.


Mark k. Hall

The Kylie Jean books are so popular because they are just darn fun to read. The students love Kylie Jean and her peppy personality. I can't wait until the Pirate book sails into the bookstores.

DeVona Wilkinson

The girls really love this series at my school. It's a big hit with my early readers as well as with the more "mature" fifth graders :) They never sit on the shelves for long! Congratulations on winning your award!!

Alison Criner

These books are so popular in our library! It would be great to have a hat to go with the books :)

Kena Sosa

Marci, the girls absolutely love Kylie Jean at Urban Park Elementary! Thanks for all your hard work.

Emma McDonald

The Kylie Jean books are hugely popular in my school. The girls simply adore her and are constantly asking if I've gotten any new Kylie Jean books. There is a huge wait list in the library for them and they never stay on the shelves for long. I can't wait to read the next one about pirates and I know my girls will grab up the new books coming out this summer! Thanks for the great interview.

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