I would love to have a copy of this! It looks like a great resource and very engaging.

Jennifer Glidden

Thanks everyone for entering our giveaway. Will randomly select the winners shortly.
-Jennifer, Capstone

Peggy Rogan

Our third grade covers Lewis & Clark so this would be a great addition to our library. We love books!

Susan Wolfe

Currently working to expand our elementary school library's American history section with interesting/enticing books, for which this would be perfect! Please consider us (I'm the librarian). Thanks.

Rebecca Langston-George

I'd love to have this book for our school library!

Sarah Putnam

I would love a copy for my media center!

Vicki Grimli

I would love to read this book and have it available for our children in our library. History is so great and exciting for them to read. Thank you Capstone, our Library loves your books!

karen Navoyosky

Please include me in the contest for this book!!!Bringing history to life makes the students want to read more!!! My library students will read this book over and over!!! As I say I can have 4 copies and it still would not be enough!!

Lisa Orth

I would love a copy of this book for our library! Win or Lose, I LOVE Capstone Pub! :)

Cindy Todorovic

I would love a copy for my school library looks great.

Anna G

I am excited to read this book! Showing history in a way that is both engaging and interesting for kids....great!


Pick me! Pick me!


This book looks very engaging for kids! I can't wait to read it!


I really like the illustration above. I'd be curious to see how the story and asides work together.

Christine H

I'd love to be included in the contest for this book. We don't have too many on American history, and it'd be great to expand our library. Plus, every one should know even a little bit about the Lewis and Clark expedition. I'm in Canada, so I'll understand if shipping is an issue. Thanks!

Renee Swetlik

This books brings history to life in such a way that kids will want to pick it up and read it. I can see it being a very popular book that will be read again and again. It is very important that our children know and understand how our country came to be what it is. The artwork looks fabulous.

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