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Jennifer Glidden

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! I'll be contacting our winners shortly. -Jennifer, Capstone

karen Navoyosky

I have read Hear I am many times when I go to the book store. Your book will be in my library collection at both of my buildings. I truly loved it!!! I will be reading it them.
thank you so much for sharing your story.

Tina Johnson

love Capstone Books and love free, this book would make a great addition to our school library


Awesome Book!


I would love to add this book to my classroom collection. My third graders LOVE when I read aloud to them! Also, they live in a very non-diverse community, so this would help them realize there are others out there different from themselves. Thanks!

Jessica Lukosavich

I would love this book for my students. They are all special education students and yet they seem to enjoy picking on each other. We've had several conversations already about using the word retarded and they're catching on that this is inappropriate but I need to continue reinforcing the point and teach them more about bullying. This book would help.

Kristen G

I would love to share this with my students! Thank you for the opportunity!

Everlee Moore

This is a story that needs to be shared in every classroom across our country. It is because of ignorance that we are still having to deal with these issues. Would love to share your book with my students.

Karen Ganon

I would love to receive this book to share with my class! Thank you for getting such wonderful messages out there in a world that needs them so badly.


This sounds like a great book to have in the classroom

Betsy Brown

I teach kindergarten in a Title One school. We have a PreK-VE class with 20 little ones with varying challenges. We have a wonderful custodial helper with CP who has overcome many obstacles. My little ones are curious when they see others with challanges, but when we share our feelings, their hearts shine with a new desire to be friendly to everyone. However, something happens as they move through the grades. This book should be read numerous times throughout the school year to children AND ADULTS to remind us how each situation looks from the eyes of the beholder. Betsy in Orlando

Joanne M.

What a strong, and necessary message.

eileen marie

Such inspiring stories, Patti! It is so very important to stop this behavior in its tracks. As educators of young children, we have the power to mold impressionable minds into taking the path of tolerance instead of hatred. Actually, I've never liked the word "tolerance". Why should anyone merely TOLERATE another human being? We TOLERATE traffic, blisters, etc. We CELEBRATE the diversity in people and the contributions everyone makes to society!


I have read Here I Am multiple times (Netgalley ARC) and I love it every time. I will be ordering it for my library collection. Even without words, we can see your character's struggles to adjust to a new place. It certainly tugged at my heart and I am looking forward to sharing it with my students. I also enjoyed the note at the end for readers to know that this echoes some of your own memories. Thanks for sharing yourself and your experiences with us!

cheryl brouwer

We need more books like this!

Penniless Teacher

The inspiration is beautiful, betting the book is equally beautiful.

Jennifer Reed

Thank you for sharing the inspiration for this book. I would love to add it to my school library collection.

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